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ACE Golden Awards

Ace Recognition

Ace has an annual awards ceremony for those employees who have stood out over the year. We call it our Golden Trashcan Award. This award is a humanitarian award, but we thought The Golden Trashcan Award sounded much better.

Our drivers are amazing people and amazing drivers. They take pride in their work to service the communities around Utah. Because they are driving the streets on a daily basis, they see some amazing and some not so amazing things. They meet great people and make a little kids day by going and picking up the garbage. There are so many children who love to watch the garbage truck every week come to their home and pick up their trash can.

Our drivers have been on the news and in the newspapers because of their great humanitarian work. Below are the stories of our great drivers. It really shows what we as a company stand for by how our employees act.

A Child’s Dream

One of our residential drivers took the time to make a dream come true for one young West Jordan resident. He met a young boy who’s dream was to be a garbage man. Our driver let him operate this garbage truck while he was in front of his home. The driver was then featured on KSL  for his involvement with him. The following was the letter that the parents sent in to show their appreciation for that act of kindness shown by the driver.

“We just wanted to thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to let our son, Isaac, help you empty our trash cans. Isaac is almost 11 years old. When he was 4, he was diagnosed with Autism. His dream has always been to become a garbage man and drive garbage trucks. He LITERALLY has about 10 toy garbage trucks that he plays with on a regular basis. When he is out of school, he wakes up very early Friday mornings just so he can watch you come by and empty the cans. This particular day, 2 weeks ago, when you let him help you, meant the world to him and to us as well. As we were watching out the window, he was having a particularly rough time that morning….wasn’t feeling to well, missed his bus, etc. As he stood there waiting for you to come by, he was still upset about his morning. When you came by and you asked him to help you, he lit up and had probably the biggest smile I’ve ever seen on his face. When you left, he came running in the house so incredibly excited, he was shaking so bad. YOU, made his day immediately turn around and become much better!! I can’t tell you how much it means to use when we see someone reach out to our son. Being autistic, he has many struggles and hurdles he has to go through in life and people like you really make a difference in this world when you sacrifice  your own time to reach out and help others. Thank you so much for being so thoughtful to think of him. It was so greatly appreciated.”

Saving A Life

We have a driver that was honored by Midvale City for his actions in stopping two pit bulls from attacking a resident while he was on route. While he was pulling up to dump a can, he saw something that just didn’t seem right. What appeared to be a couple playing with their dog, turned out to be a pit bull attacking that couple. Without a second thought, he grabbed a crow bar from his truck and got out of his truck to help. As he got closer he saw one person on the ground and the other still fighting to break away from the grasp of the dog. The driver started hitting the dog to eventually free the individual, potentially saving both their lives. His actions were highlighted in an article by The Valley Journal Newspaper. The Unified Police Dept also selected the driver as the recipient of the Citizens Service Award.

Puttin’ Out Fires

One of our drivers was on route in Eagle Mountain City when he noticed smoke coming out of a backyard of a residents home. He quickly drove around the block  to get to the house. As he got closer, he saw that their chicken coop had caught fire. He grabbed his fire extinguisher out of his truck and immediately put the fire out. The resident called Ace to tell us what he had done and to express their gratitude towards the driver.

A Helping Hand

While on route in Midvale City, our driver noticed a resident in need and immediately jumped into action. An older gentleman was walking his recycle can to the curb and fell in his driveway. The driver stopped and helped him to his feet. The driver stayed a while with him to make sure he was okay. The 90year old gentleman was very dazed and confused but only had a few bumps and bruises. The resident called in to the city to say thank you to our driver for lending a helping hand.